The Hurt with Fetters Podcast

Conversations with author Jason Karch, currently incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice System for the past 22 years. Jason’s book, ”Hurt with Fetters: Theological Reflections on Criminal Justice,” is the subject. Hosted by Pastor Greg Smith.

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Sunday Jul 31, 2022

The Bible teaches that every human being is created in the image of God and therefore has ultimate worth in God's sight.  But often the criminal justice system strips offenders of their humanity in the administration of justice.  Author Jason Karch discusses the theological implications of God's image as it relates to a Christian view of justice and its administration. 

Sunday Jul 24, 2022

Author Jason Karch discusses the manner in which ontology, or the understanding of who we are as humans, informs the criminal justice system.  A flawed or incomplete ontology that discounts or denies basic humanity to each individual will result in a flawed system that perverts justice.  To begin to find solutions to the problem, we must first understand who we are in relation to God and to one another.  Recorded inside the prison unit in which Jason is currently incarcerated. 

Sunday Jul 17, 2022

Author Jason Karch discusses the stories that are told within the criminal justice system that shape how those who are caught up in the system are viewed and prosecuted.  If there are to be any changes with the system he argues, the narrative must change to reflect the reality of who each individual within the system is in terms of the Gospel, or who each on is in God's eyes.  Recorded inside the prison unit in which Jason is currently incarcerated. 

Sunday Jul 10, 2022

Author Jason Karch discusses the first chapter of his book Hurt with Fetters.  Chapter title: "A Reflection on Place" lays the theological foundation for understanding how one should view the criminal justice system.  The "Place" in question is the place on which one must stand for a proper view.  

Hurt With Fetters: Episode 1

Monday Jul 04, 2022

Monday Jul 04, 2022

Author Jason Karch introduces his new book and tells the story of how he came to be involved in the criminal justice system in Texas.  His personal experience and theological background provides the basis for this look at how the system operates and the corrections that need to be made for the sake of justice.


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